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Plan your first visit


Remember to arrive for your appointment 5 mins early with clean, dry skin (no oils or lotions on the areas to be sugared please). 

*PRO TIP*  Take ibuprofen 30 minutes before your appointment time to help dull the pain ;)

  • Also, if you need to clean up before your arrival, our restroom is stocked with the appropriate hygienic amenities.

  • Be sure to grow your hair to the appropriate length. We recommend about 1/4 inches or 2-3 weeks grow out. 

    *Note — maintaining well moisturized/hydrated skin, contributes to softening hair follicles, which always helps with the hair removal process.


Moisturize your skin daily to help keep your hair follicles soft making hairs easier to remove at your next visit, and help keep away pesky ingrown hairs.

  • We recommend rebooking your services for every 3-5 weeks depending on your hair growth rate and skin. This will assist in refining your hair, resulting in easier, less painful hair removal with each repeating appointment! Yay!

  • 3-4 times per week, be sure to exfoliate your skin using an exfoliating cloth to help prevent ingrown hairs, and assist in the sugaring process for your next appointment.

  • Moisturize daily to help your skin stay soft and smooth longer, help prevent ingrown hairs, and maintain healthy happy skin for longer! 

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