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What  is  sugaring?

 Sugaring is a more natural, and gentle approach to hair removal.  We use a sugaring paste (a combination of JUST sugar, water, and lemon juice) to remove your hair. Our product is so clean you can eat it! 
We drive the sugar down into your follicles against the hair growth and flick the sugar off the skin with the hair growth removing hair in the more natural way, leaving your skin less irritated than regular waxing!  
Sugaring results can last anywhere from 3-6 weeks, depending on your hair growth rates, your body and skin.
Come try it out, we are confident you'll love the results!



There are so many benefits to sugaring vs. regular waxing! Below are a few of our favorites!  

Sugar isn't hot
Sugar is warm, not hot so it will never leave your skin with that burning sensation that waxing can sometimes leave.
Sugar is less abrasive
We drive the sugar into the follicle against the hair growth and pull the hair out with the hair growth which is the more natural and less harsh way of pulling hair out of the follicle.  This is the complete opposite way of removing hair than regular waxing and is more gentle on the skin!
Sugar exfoliates
Sugar doesn't remove an entire layer of your skin, it just exfoliates any dead skin on the surface.
All natural product
Sugar is made up of sugar, water, and lemon juice.  It's so natural you can eat it!
Less hair breakage
Because we are pulling the hair out WITH the hair growth instead of AGAINST the hair growth there is less hair breakage meaning your sugaring should last longer, and over time hair will grow back thinner and finer weakening the hair and follicles!

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